List with all songs;
Search for specific terms to find the desired music;
View the song, notes and history;
Start a presentation on the computer.


Playlist selected in Holyrics on computer.

Played songs

List of the most played songs in the period informed and the respective dates.
You can filter the list by selecting the specific days of the week that you want.


You can click on the column title to view the details of the worship/event.

Worship and Events

List of all services and events;
View scheduled songs and members.


List of all members.

Remote Control (Bible)

Screen to start and control the presentation of verses on the computer.
Access the last few verses selected by the history button.

Get Stream

Screen to mirror the slide being played on the computer or receive a song transmitted by another cell phone.


Update your mobile phone data from your computer.
Or from internet. (Need to create an account by the Holyrics program and upload the files)
Send files from your phone to your PC.