Holy Bible


Several versions available for reading.


Go to the desired verse with just 3 clicks;
Quick search at any time by typing the book's name on the keyboard.

List of favorites

Save verses in the list of favorites and access them quickly.

Custom/Automatic Presentation

Create a presentation with specific verses.


Search for verses with various parameters.

Control by mobile

Presentation of the verses in the computer by the mobile.


Visualize the Bible in different versions simultaneously.
Change the version of the verse on the fly in real time.


Organize your lyrics easily.
Save your song play history whenever it plays.
Make presentations with custom themes.
Duplicate and organize each paragraph/slide of the song without needing to edit the lyrics.


Create custom themes for displaying songs and verses from the Bible.

  • Colors, images or videos as background;
  • Opacity control;
  • Bold and italic;
  • Text with outline, shadow and brightness;
  • Alignment, line spacing and margins.

Image, audio and video

Picture presentation and audio/video play by the software itself. (support: VLC Media Player)

Organize your image, audio and video files with Holyrics.
Do not worry about dragging and resizing windows for full-screen videos!

Stage View

Use return monitors with unique settings.
You can choose a more appropriate theme for displaying the songs on the return monitors.
You can also apply specific settings for each return monitor: display uppercase text, display the beginning of the next slide along with the current slide, slide count, etc.
Show unique messages and alerts that will appear only on return monitors.


Save the playlist of songs and media from each worship/event.


Create groups to organize the songs according to each group, member, etc.


Register the regular services in the system.
Organize the schedule of the team members and the playlist for the registered services.
When registering a service, all dates for it will be calculated automatically.
A service will have a playlist and schedule.


Register events in the system.
Organize the schedule of the team members and the playlist for the registered events.


Register the group members in the system and organize the schedule easily.


Register members, worship and events in the system and organize the schedule.


Played songs:
List with all songs in each group and the number of times each song was played.
List with the number of times each member or song was scheduled.


Save your song play history whenever it plays..
You can generate a Report to view the most played songs.


Register to share the program data with the App Holyrics.

Share the access key with people who can access information on the mobile phone.
Use the security code to update the program data on the internet from the computer.


Register announcements for upcoming services and events.

Automatic Presentation

Start an automatic presentation of announcements or verses by making a selection of what you want to display.
You can control the presentation or check the "Automatic Slide Show" option by setting the duration of each slide and whether they will repeat themselves.

Save Presentation

Save a song presentation or verse list to display anywhere.
Choose the resolution and format you prefer.

Various Features

  • Alert message at any time, even during a presentation
  • Clock
  • Transition effects between slides
  • Custom paragraph formatting
  • Countdown
  • Favorites bar
  • and much more!