Song author

According to copyright law, it is mandatory to display the name of the author of a song when using it.
In other words, when projecting the lyrics of a song in worship, it is also necessary to inform the author responsible for this work.
This can be done before starting the projection (initial slide) or at the footer of each slide during the presentation of the respective lyrics.

The Holyrics program always had the title and artist fields when creating/editing a song and displayed the information written in the artist field in the projection.
The user who wanted to display the author's name in the projection, in accordance with copyright law, needed to change the content of the artist field and write the author(s) b> in this field.
This made the user lose important information, which is the artist, which makes searching, organizing and also identifying the "version" of the song easier, as many songs have different versions for different artists.
In addition, information about the author of a song is not so easy and simple to obtain.

To resolve this, the Holyrics program, in version 2.13.0, added the author field in the music editing window.
And we also provide a very useful feature in these cases so that you don't have to look for the author of a song, which is the program's option to automatically identify the author of a song, based on the song's lyrics.
This identification is made in the online database of the Holyrics server.
We already have thousands of songs with this information available and we will be increasing whenever possible.

We tried to carry out the research and identification of authors very carefully.
However, we cannot guarantee that all authors are correctly identified, as even LP and CD inserts have had incorrect, incomplete and/or conflicting author information.
We can only state that the information provided has a high degree of confidence.
The research sources are: Spotify, ECAD, official YouTube channels, CD and LP inserts, among others.

You can check the details in the images below.

Note: Identification is made using the lyrics of the song entered and not the title and artist.