Custom Telegram Chatbot

It is possible to use Holyrics features that use a Telegram chatbot with your own chatbot, personalized with the name and photo of your church, for example.

Create a bot

Go to the chatbot to create a Telegram bot and edit the information.
To create a bot, start the conversation with the command /newbot and follow the instructions.

- First enter the name of the bot, the name of your preference, with accents, space, etc.
Example: Holyrics Custom Bot

- Then enter a username.
Only letters a-z A-Z, numbers and underscores are allowed.
As a rule, the bot name must end with Bot or _bot.
Example: HolyricsCustomBot or HolyricsCustom_bot

- After creating the bot, copy the api token (example: 5916........NxBPBMoj4U) to configure the custom chatbot in Holyrics.

Edit information

To edit the profile picture, send the command /setuserpic and follow the instructions as shown in the image below.

To edit the name the command is /setname