Default Themes filter

A Theme can be easily reused in any program environment, but in many situations a user-created Theme has a specific use in a program's functionality.
To facilitate the organization, it is possible to define a standard filter so that the list of themes in the different features of the program only shows the items that you define for that feature.

To do this you need to organize the themes by tags and then define which tags are accepted in each functionality.

Example: Create a tag with the name "Verses" (theme menu, tags) and add all the themes you created to display verses in that tag.
And then access the theme menu, filter, select the Bible tab and select the "Verses" tag

This way only the topics marked with the tag "Verses" will be listed in the Bible window

If you activate the filter, whenever you create a new theme, remember to add the corresponding tag so that the theme is listed correctly.