1 - Add more videos and/or images as background to the program.

You can add more backgrounds from the Theme menu, background.

Mais detalhes sobre isso no vídeo tutorial sobre Temas:

2 - Change size, font color of the songs.

Layout changes are made by editing a theme.

More details about this in the tutorial:

3 - How to use video wallpaper?

Option 1) In the favorite bar settings, enable the display of the wallpaper item;
Right click on wallpaper in the favorite bar, edit;
In the edit window, select the video you want to use as a wallpaper and click save;
While using the program, to end presentations, click on the wallpaper item (or Shift+F8) instead of pressing the ESC key. This way the video will play in the projection.
Or use Shift+F8 to end presentation and show the wallpaper item of the favorites bar.
Click on the item whenever you need to show it in the projection.

Option 2) Play the video you want from the VLC player and leave the option: repeat 1.

4 - Run YouTube links.

Unable to play Youtube videos on software because of YouTube policy.

5 - Is it possible to place the image of a camera/webcam in Holyrics?

Camera IP
See camera settings for access link to paste in Holyrics VLC player.
For example:
Insert the link into the "globe" icon on the VLC player near the volume.
After inserting the link, press the play icon to execute in the projection.

Use the shortcut on the "3 dots" of VLC Player, webcam option:

Note: Camera video playback may have a long delay between the received image and projection playback.
A recommended alternative is to use a specific capture software to display the camera image on projection.
A software that will be more efficient and have less delay.
And then you use Holyrics just to display the text over the video.
An example software would be OBS Studio OBS Studio.

6 - Background videos or VLC Player display "black screen" or crashing when presented

Download and install the 64-bit version of the program (download).
Note: It is not necessary to uninstall the current version. The data will be kept after installation.

If the problem persists:
In the My Videos tab you can click on the "three dots" of a video that is not playing correctly and click on edit properties.
Check the resolution and the bitrate.

Resolutions greater than or equal to 1920x1080 and bitrates above 5000 may overload the PC and cause videos not to play correctly.
You can lower the resolution and bitrate to make a test.
Use about 1280x720 for size and about 4000 for bitrate.

8 - How do I update the program?

When you open the program with internet on your computer a message will appear stating that you have an update available.
Accept that it updates automatically.

Nothing you already have a program will be lost or changed.
Anyway, it's always good to backup your data.

9 - Create or edit slide theme/layout.

In the main window, in the lower right corner, double click on the theme to edit it

More details:

10 - Different theme setting for stage view (return monitor).

More details (Video in portuguese):

11 - Set up stage view (return monitor)

To use return monitor as standalone screen the computer must have 3 video outputs, or 2, in case of notebook.

On PC:
- one output to the user monitor;
- one output to projector;
- one output to stage view (return monitor).

On notebook:
- one output to projector;
- one output to stage view (return monitor).

With all cables plugged in, configure Windows with 3 screens in extended mode.
The program will automatically identify the screens and it is possible to use return monitor.

Note: Some video graphics cards, even with 3 outputs, do not allow all 3 to be used at the same time.
Also notebook with 2 outputs that allows you to use only one at a time.
That is, you need to test the outputs to make sure your PC or notebook supports it.

Alternatives for PCs or Notebooks that don't have enough video outputs:
- Return via wifi if the return screen is a smart tv (see faq 17).

- USB/VGA adapter or USB/HDMI adapter to turn a USB output into video output.
After plugging in the adapter and installing the drivers, you only set the extended mode display in Windows settings.

Note: Check adapter specifications to see if it is compatible with your computer.
Turning a USB output into video output can overload the computer's processor.

More details about stage view (return monitor):
(Video in portuguese)

12 - How to remove the initial slide with title and artist?

Unable to remove slide with title and artist, only start the presentation from a particular slide.

You can start the song presentation with Shift+F5 which will start from the first paragraph of the lyrics.
You can reverse the shortcut keys F5 and Shift+F5 in the File menu, Settings, several tab.
So F5 will start from the first paragraph of the song.

Another possibility is to double-click the song paragraph in the main window.
Double-clicking the presentation starts from the clicked slide.

13 - Problem connecting mobile app with notebook/computer.
Application showing connection failure error - Holyrics not found on network.

Usually synchronization is automatic.
As long as your computer and phone are on the same wifi network.
Any problems communicating, click the solve button and follow the directions.
After reading qrcode, if the PING item fails, in most cases the problem is:
- phone and computer are not on the same network;
- or the network router is blocking communication through a firewall or feature called client isolation. Access your router settings to try to solve the problem.

If an error message appears when you click to open the qrcode window on your computer, the problem is usually the antivirus firewall installed on the computer blocking the software.
Add the program to the antivirus firewall exception list.

In computer software, go to tools menu, change webservice address;
Enter the IP that appears in the Computer IP field.
If continue with error, in the computer program open the help menu, app connection failure, click yes if asked to execute a code;
After a window with qr code appears, you can close it and try again from the app.

14 - Requirements for using Holyrics

Processor 2.5GHz
4GB RAM memory
Any video graphics card

SSD is a big differential

16 - Can I do live streaming on Holyrics?

The program does not streaming, but is compatible with programs that streaming;

youtu.be/zS7528-YrOE (Portuguese)
youtu.be/0mw7nurNzds (Portuguese)
Tutorial: how it Works in OBS Studio, but applies to any type of streaming software.

17 - Turn a notebook or smart TV into a stage view (return screen)

In the computer software, access tools menu, plugin Holyrics.
Click start server.
Access one of the stage view links that appear in this plugin window in the device browser, preferably a link that ends with text.
This page (link) in the device browser displays the program slides.
The device and computer with hologram letters must be on the same network.

18 - Is it possible to use panoramic projection (with more than one datashow) with Hoyrics?

Panoramic projection is the projection made by joining two or more projectors to form a "super wide screen".
Many people believe that this type of projection is not possible with Holyrics because the program itself does not provide edge blending capability.
However, the screens do not have to be joined exclusively by projection software, but can be done with any third party software or even with specific hardware.

More details on this subject in the article: Panoramic Projection

19 - How do I send a picture of my church to be published on the pages of Holyrics?

Fill in the form of the link below with the information and the photo.

22 - How do I use the software on my monitor and not appear on the projection what I'm doing?

This is a setting that needs to be done in the operating system (Extend Screen mode)

More details on this in the following video tutorial (Windows):

24 - Slow opening the program or projecting videos/images.
Some themes do not open or are disfigured.
Program slows down, memory full.

Not only is the memory shortage that causes the program to crash, it may be the low performance processor, lack of graphics card, antivirus, heavy video.

Possible settings to make program work better:

  • File menu, settings, disable fade in/out.
  • File menu, display settings, disable transition effects.
  • Do not use font size over 20 in themes.
  • Add the program folder to the list of antivirus exceptions installed on your computer and/or Windows Defender: C:/Holyrics
  • Decrease projection screen resolution, the smaller the lighter.
  • If your computer is not properly configured, avoid using video theme. It's best to use theme with image and the program works well.

In addition to these alternatives, only upgrading the computer hardware.

26 - Holyrics program and App tutorials

On our Youtube channel: youtube.com/Holyrics

27 - Change Bible projection theme/layout

The Bible uses a Theme to display verses.
So to increase the font size of the Bible just edit the Theme used in the Bible.

In the lower left corner of the Bible window is a button to select a Theme.
Click this button and right-click the Theme you want to edit.

More details:

28 - How to backup my data in the program?

Copy the folder:
From computer to another, or to a USB, external HD, etc.
To restore the data just copy the files to the same folder.
Do this with the closed program.

Or backup using a tools menu option, backup, export/import

29 - How to use the application to control the program?

App usage tutorials (Videos in portuguese):

30 - Is the iOS app paid?

The Holyrics APP for iOS costs U$ 0.99 and is paid only once, is not a monthly fee.

Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/holyrics/id1451668865?mt=8

31 - Change style of just one word or part of slide.

Join the group: fb.com/groups/Holyrics

And visit this link that explains how to do advanced editing on the slide (Video in portuguese).

32 - Holyrics program groups & social networks.
Follow the news.

33 - When opening the program gives an error and it opens twice.

With the program closed, perform the following steps and test:

Right-click on the folder C:/Holyrics
Type All, OK
In the previous window, select All and select the checkbox Full Control

34 - How to disable Windows effect that when hovering over the window it is displayed in the background?

Control Panel;
Advanced System Settings;
Advanced tab;
Performance option;
Settings button;
Visual effects tab;
Disable the Enable Peek option or Enable Aero Peek option

35 - I can't find music by searching a excerpt of song

By default, the search does not consider excerpts of the song.
To search for excerpts, select the lyrics checkbox below the search field.

36 - In the music window, text alignment does not change the presentation of text on slides.

This alignment does not influence the display of the text, but only where you type the text.
The text alignment changes in the Theme edit window.

37 - I started playing a song on my phone and I can't control the slides through my computer.

The presentation window opened by the mobile phone in an auxiliary monitor is independent of the main window.
Drag the mouse to the projection screen and click with any mouse button anywhere on the screen.
Once this is done, the window will receive the focus of the application and it will be possible to use commands from the computer keyboard to control the presentation.

38 - Appear disabled streaming on phone

Enable the streaming on the computer:
  File menu -> Settings.

39 - Is it possible to install/use the program on an external hard drive or pen drive? (WINDOWS)

Yes, the program is portable.
The program installation by default is in the C:\Holyrics folder.
But once installed, you can copy this folder to anywhere that will work normally.
Just open the Holyrics.exe file that is inside the copied folder.
You can even run from the external device even if the program already installed on your computer.
The program will always use the subfolder data from where it is located.
So if you run the Holyrics.exe file from the Holyrics folder from inside the external device, the files used are the ones inside that folder on the external device, regardless of the data in the Holyrics folder installed on the computer.
Any changes you make to the program opened by the external device will be saved and kept on the external device.

• Device speed may influence program performance, so preferably use an external hard drive in a USB 3.0 port, or a flash drive that has good read and write speed.

• The destination computer may not have the minimum requirements to run the program.
In such cases, preferably use static backgrounds (images or solid colors) as the computer may not support using background videos.

• Preferably run the program by right-clicking on the file Holyrics.exe and the option run as administrator.
This can improve performance and prevent possible miss-permission errors as it is a program running from an external device.

40 - Fonts installed on the computer do not appear in the program.

In some cases it is necessary to install the font by right-clicking, install for all users option.
If not, you can also add the fonts to the program installation folder:

Note: You must restart the program to list the new fonts installed/added and, after restarting, with the program open, wait 30 seconds for the font list to refresh.

41 - The plugin access link does not work on another computer.

Make sure the start server button is enabled.
Make sure the two devices are on the same network.

If the link works in the browser on the same computer where the plugin is open, there is a block in the communication of the local network.

Can be:
  • Operating system firewall;
  • Antivirus firewall;
  • LAN router firewall;
  • Configuration called client isolation on the LAN router;
  • etc.

Firewall release for Windows: tutorial

For all other options, there are several antivirus and router models, each with a different configuration.
It is necessary to search the internet for the procedure to check the settings for the antivirus and router used on your local network.

42 - LoadLibrary failed with error 126

"LoadLibrary failed with error 126: The module could not be found"

The cause of the error is usually the installation of generic AMD video drivers.
Update the video card drivers through the official website.

43 - [Linux] Error searching songs on the internet

sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: No trusted certificate found

Download the file cacerts
And paste in the folder:

Open or restart the program and test

44 - Support for non-Latin alphabet characters

Enable the non-Latin alphabet support option so that the program interface can correctly display non-Latin characters

- File menu
- Settings
- Miscellaneous tab
- Support for non-Latin alphabet

This setting only deals with displaying characters in the program interface (lyric editing, Bible window, etc.).
It is also necessary to edit the themes used for projection, selecting a compatible font, for example Arial Unicode MS