The Runtime Environment option serves to facilitate the management of some other functionalities in the program.

Consider the situation:

There are three different computers (PC1, PC2 and PC3) on the same network.
Computers PC1 and PC2 are in hall A and PC3 in hall B.
The Holyrics program runs on PC1 and PC3 computers and they have Google Drive™ synchronization activated between them.
In this case, the triggers created in the program are synchronized between the two computers.
We created a trigger (OBS receiver) for Holyrics opened on PC1 (hall A) to send commands to OBS Studio open on PC2 (hall A) which is the transmission computer.
But when running the program on PC3 (hall B) Holyrics also sends commands to PC2 (hall A), but this is not what we want.

We can solve this by creating runtime environments.

In the file, settings, advanced menu, create an environment called PC1 and an environment called PC2;
Select the corresponding runtime environment in Holyrics on each computer;
Set the execution settings of the OBS receiver to run only in the PC1 environment.

This way, the OBS receiver will only send trigger commands from the computer PC1.

It is also possible to define execution based on the runtime environment for each trigger individually.