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The Holyrics program has its own database for searching lyrics online.
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Our objective is to provide lyrics with a format that is already suitable for projection, because no matter how good the editing of the lyrics is on other sites such as Letras or Vagalume, most of the time the layout is not ideal for projection: the lines are long and/or the paragraph has many lines, as well as some typos.

Another advantage is that the vast majority of lyrics are available with the author (composer) field defined, so you can carry out the projection in accordance with copyright law without wasting time looking for the right one. author of each song displayed.
Find out more at: holyrics.com/tips/author.html

Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA")
If you are the author or legal guardian of a work and would like to make a request for content removal, send an email to: dmca@holyrics.com

When formatting a letter, we provide 4 different types of formatting:

• Standard, max 4 lines;
• Standard, max 2 lines;
• Widescreen, max 2 lines;
• Panoramic, max 2 lines.

In the online search for holyrics.com there is a field called "Formatting".

If the formatting field is activated when selecting a song, it means that it has already been formatted and is suitable for display in projection.
You probably won't have to do any work editing the lyrics, just give it a quick check before saving the song and it's ready for projection.
If it is "Unavailable", it means that the lyrics have not been edited and you need to check and edit them before using them in the projection.

See an example of the difference between the lyrics that are available on other websites and the lyrics available in the Holyrics database:

Song: Consagração - Aline Barros (author: Anderson Mattos)